Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thermomix Jam : Orange Lemon Marmalade

After a long day working non-stop on model, which i am so depressed about..I returned home with the idea of trying some thing fun. On my way home in the cab, i had an idea of making marmalade. So after researching in the internet (, i decide to experiment on this by modifying the recipe as i have only 2 oranges and 1 lemon left in the refrigerator.

Ingredient :
2 Orange
Half of Lemon
125 g of castor sugar
100 g of water

Method : 
1. Place a plate in freezer.(this is to help jam set in later part)
2. Cut orange and lemon thinly. (see photo)

3. Remove seed if there is any. Put the orange slices in stack and cut it into quarters.
4. Add water, lemon and orange and cook for 10 minutes at 100 degrees on speed 3. The thermomix would be shaking and vibrating abit vigorously. Dont be afraid here. Just make sure the table is stable :)
5. When you hear beep sound, open lid and add in sugar. Cook for another 20 minutes.
6. When you hear beep sound after 20 minutes, uncover the thermojug, taste the sweetness, if you like it, proceed to pour it on the plate that's been in the freezer. 
7. Let it cool down and put it into a sterilized container. (to sterilize container, just put clean plastic container or glass jar into microwave and microwave it for like 1-2 minutes.

Happy trying :)

Chunkeat really love this jam:)

Thermomix Whole Tomato Rice with Steam Fish

Recently there is a rave in the internet on "whole tomato rice".

Out of curiousity, Chun Keat and i tried it for fun, just want to know how to make it and how does it taste. It looks pretty funky and also fun to make. From the plan view, it look like a big sunny side egg. The thought alone about making this rice really excite me. We decide to eat this rice with our signature steam fish, except this time, adding lemon slice.
Ingredient for Rice :
Naturel Brown Rice 2 Cups
1 whole tomato
Soy sauce

Ingredient for Steam Fish :
Silver Pomfret
2 red chilli (big)
Sour Plum ( 1 unit )
3-4 thin slice of Lemon
Cooking Oil
Pepper powder

Tips : 
The cheat trick to cook this Brown Rice in 20 minutes and achieve the right texture is to use boiling water to cook since the 1st minute.

1. Boil water using water boiler. Meanwhile, wash rice and tomato.

2. Pour Boiling water into thermomix cooking jug until it covers the rice fully just like in the photo below. Add in some soy sauce / salt and pepper.
 Cover thermomix jug lid.

3. Prepare fish. Put all ingredients for fish altogether on metal plate. Add in some cooking oil and pepper. Add in sour plum and water to make the soup base. See photo. Place metal plate with all ingredients on top of thermomix steaming tray. Put Varoma at Speed 2, for 25 minutes. 

 4. After 25 minutes, you will hear beep sound. Meal is ready. Open up steam tray lid and wolaaaa, steam fish is ready. Remove steaming tray and take out steam fish with care.
 5. Remove thermomix jug lid and the rice is nicely done.
6. Scoop everything on a big plate, smash the tomato and mix with rice evenly. It looks like spanish paella. Sprinkle some parsley flakes and chia seed.

 7. Ready to eat!
Happy Trying!

Cantonese side dish - Min Nam

My husband asked me to buy small celery leaves few days ago to blend and made it into paste to apply on his feet which has dead skin and developed into "chicken eye". It was such a coincidence that both of us bought the herbs and we had too much supply. So while blending the herbs, i found the texture and aroma is so similar to the cantonese side-dish which i had when i visited my family-in-love in bukit mertajam. So without giving a second thought. I gathered my pack of thin celery , few cloves of garlic and ginger.

Ingredients :
Soy Sauce
Spring Onion
Cooking Oil

Method : 
1. Blend celery and spring onion in thermomix by turning the knob to 10 for 2 second. Put it aside in a bowl.
1. Blend garlic and ginger in thermomix by turning the knob to 10 for 2 second. The garlic and ginger are nicely blended now.
2. Put some cooking oil into thermomix and varoma for 10 minutes at speed 2. Cook till you smell the nice aroma.
3. Open lid,, insert butterfly. Insert blended celery and spring onion. Add in soy sauce to preference. Close the lid and varoma it for 10 minutes, speed 2. 
4. When you hear the beep sound, open lid and check the mix. If satisfactory, pour out and scoop it using thermomix spatula. Leave cool and ready to serve.

I put in a clean jam jar and include it into our lunch box the next day. Its simply delicious.