Friday, October 24, 2014

Lunchbox of the day : Thermomix Claypot Chicken Rice

Experimented and modified to my own version of thermomix claypot chicken rice. The outcome was very good, but probably just lacking the burnt (chau-huey-ta) effect but this version is good as it is less heaty to the body. It is very easy to prepare.

So this is how thelazypainter prepares claypot rice thermomix style without the claypot :

Ingredients : 
2 thermomix cups of rice
200g chicken meat
540g water
Ginger, garlic, dried shrimps, pepper powder
Cut pumpkins
Chinese sausage
Spring onion
Sesame oil, dark soy sauce, light soysauce

1. Marinate chicken with ginger, garlic, dark and light soy sauce, pepper, sesame oil before hand.

2. Rinse rice in rice basket. Cut pumpkin to cubes, chinese sausages and mushrooms to thin slices, spring onions, and prepare some dried shrimps (soaked and cleaned). 

 2. Fill in 540g water in thermomix jug, water level touching the top circle part of knife )
3. Put rice basket in thermo jug. Put marinated chicken onto the rice basket and mix it, followed by pumpkins, mushrooms and Chinese sausage.

 5. Close lid and set to 25 minutes, varoma, speed 2.

6. When beep sound is heard, time is up. Open lid and breath in the aroma. Almost ready..

7.Scoop the toppings aside on a plate. We will have to scoop the rice out first. The rice is nicely cooked.

7. Garnish with sesame oil and Kuching pepper.

8. Ready to be served and packed for lunch. 

It is very delicious and Chunkeat likes it a lot.
Give it a try :) Enjoy!

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