Monday, October 20, 2014

Lunchbox of the day- mushroom chicken, steamed vege & eggs with rice

This morning I prepare lunchbox of the day. It is very simple and easy. 
Preparation time : 25--30 minutes.
Tips : best to prepare ginger, garlic, have vege washed and cut the night before. 

1. Rinse 1 -1.5 thermomix cup of rice in the rice basket. If you like steamed carrot, put some carrot cube on top of the rice.

2. Fill in some water in thermomix jug to the surface of the knife.

3. Wash two pieces of chicken thigh and place it on a metal bowl. Add in mushroom slices, ginger, garlic. Add little bit of sesame oil and few caps of soy sauce. Sprinkle some Kuching pepper.

4. Place rice basket. Close the lid till you hear a beep sound. Place chicken on top on thermo tray as per in the photo. Cover tray. Set 20-30 mins, varoma, speed 2 or 3. 

4. Standby vege on the thinner thermo tray and eggs (if you want some eggs).  

5.Place eggs into the thermo jug like this when 6 minutes is left. Can adjust the time if u missed it.

6. Place vege on thermo thin tray like this for steaming. Or alternatively, you can put vege just beside the bowl with chicken without using this thin thermo tray. So you don't need to wash too many things. For leafy vege 5-6 minutes is just nice, brocolli need more time.

Basically thermomix functions like the sketch below : -

7. While waiting vege to steam, prepare some sauce for vege. Mix some olive oil/sesame oil, soy sauce/oyster sauce, and pepper in a bowl.

8. When you hear the beep sound, time is up. Open up the lid and the rice and eggs are ready. Rice nicely cooked.

9. And the chicken thigh too.. Ready..

10. And of course the vege are ready too..put the vege in the bowl with the sauce prepared just now.

11. Vege is done.. Super easy and taste fresh too.

12. Pack everything in lunchbox and you are ready to GO! I like the egg yolk being not too dry. To achieve this, steam eggs when varoma 100 degree for 6 minutes. If you prefer harder and dryer yolk (hard boil egg), put egg on top of the rice from the start. Happy trying ya!

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