Thursday, October 23, 2014

Juicing : Watermelon and Apple Juice

It was a stressful day but i come home to a good power jar of thermomix juice.
Juicing had never been so fun and fulfilling.

Ingredients : 
1/2 portion of small watermelon, cut into pieces
3 apples, decored and cut into pieces.
Ice cubes 

Method :
1. Prepare all ingredient. Watermelon cut into pieces. Apples de-cored and cut into pieces. See photo below.

2. Put all fruits into thermo jug.

3. Add in ice cubes. I added 1 whole tray of ice.

4.Close the lid. Turn the knob to speed 10 for 30-45 seconds. The sound is loud because the ice are being crushed but dont freak out... Juice is coming your way ok..

5. Open the lid, juice is done, you will see some cold mist coming out like smoke. Thats the coldness of ice but the juice tasted so refreshing.

6. Ready to be serve. Just so delicious. Perfect for chilling out at night. 

Give it a try! Enjoy :) 

Other interesting combination to try : 

Top 5 Fruit Juices
Apple and Pear
Apple, Pear & Pineapple
Orange and Grapefruit
Apple and Watermelon
Cranberry, Grape and Prune

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