Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dessert : Thermomix Azuki Red Bean Soup

Yesterday was Deepavali and i was really bored at home, so i decided to experiment with cooking Azuki Red Bean Soup. Conventionally, cooking red bean soup in slow cooker requires long duration (eg 4 hours)  Thankfully, with thermomix, cooking red bean soup is easy and time needed is much shorter. Due to the ad-hoc decision of making the soup, i did not use full ingredient to prepare the soup. Missing ingredients are : longan, lotus seed, orange peel, sago.

My version was purely red bean but it tasted great afterall.

1. First, we have red bean in hand. 
2. For two person, i used 1.5 bowl of red beans and soaked them in water for 4 hours. (disclaimer : this is to help to reduce bloating, but i am not sure.)

3. Fill in750-800 g water in thermo jug. Put water to boil for 6 minutes, 100 degrees, Speed 2.

3. Add in red beans in thermo jug. Close the lid and put to boil and cook it again for 45-60 minutes, 100 degrees, speed 2.

4. After you hear the beep sound, time is up, open the lid, add in sugar to preference. Close the lid, turn speed knob from 1-10. By then, the red bean blends well with sugar. 

5. Pour red beans to two small bowls. Total servings is 4 small bowls. Add in fresh milk/coconut milk to preference. 

6. Ready to be served. 

Next attempt, i shall add orange peel to boil to enhance the aroma, sago to make the soup thicker and lotus seed and longan to make it complete!

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